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Erectile dysfunction (or also called “impotence”) is a failure of erection, during which the stiffness, shape and volume of the penis of a man does not allow him to perform sexual intercourse. Representatives of the stronger sex problems with potency prevent not only to conduct full sexual activity, but also cause damage to their mental state. Often erectile dysfunction is associated with a number of other diseases or mental disorders, and is less common as an Autonomous disease. Only in USA from 2 to 4 million men suffer from this disease.

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Treatment of impotence is, first of all, the correct diagnosis of the causes of its occurrence. There are two main types of causes that cause impotence:

organic-in this case, erectile dysfunction is due to physiological abnormalities in the body, that is, nerve endings, blood vessels, hormonal system, which are responsible for the formation and maintenance of erection, do not fully perform their functions;
psychogenic (functional) – due to the previous unsuccessful sexual intercourse, inadequate behavior of a woman during sexual intercourse or the desire of a man to control his erection Malegra such reasons lead to unstable erection against the background of a saved spontaneous, nocturnal erection. When leak foreplay, an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, but when you attempt to commit the excitement disappears. Such disorders in the medical environment are often called the syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure. Ultimately, the violation of potency provokes depression, neurosis and sexual failure.

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Among all the reasons leading to the loss of male power, we can distinguish:

General diseases of the body (diabetes, atherosclerosis, hormonal disorders, etc);
acquired diseases of the genital organs;
congenital pathology or trauma and surgery on the organs of the male reproductive system;
taking drugs or excessive use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes;
chronic intoxication with psychotropic and other medicinal substances;
inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

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It is possible to increase potency by eliminating the causes of erectile dysfunction and curing concomitant diseases.
How to improve potency?

To improve potency, it is necessary to seek professional help from the appropriate specialist-sexologist-because he will be able to correctly diagnose the causes of the problem (psychogenic or organic) and appoint an effective method of treatment.

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It is worth noting that in the treatment of impotence, the first consultation with a sex therapist is important, because at this moment a trusting relationship between the doctor and the https://malegraxx.com/ patient is formed, which is the key to a successful result in the form of increased potency.

Quite often, to identify the root of the problem requires the presence of a partner who will help a man to get rid of internal fears, relax and regain confidence.

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Modern medicine has wide possibilities and methods of treatment of psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction. Among them:

medication or psychotherapeutic treatment;
method of intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs;
surgical treatment of arterial or venous insufficiency;
implantation of penile prostheses, etc.

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Implantation of penile prostheses is necessary in 10% of cases of potency disorders, when all other methods do not work.

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Recently, there is a tendency to increase the number of sexual disorders in men. Stress, psychoemotional overloads, deterioration of an ecological situation, harmful factors of production, decrease in the General tone of an organism — all this influences quality of sexual life.

Most often, sexual problems are associated with a violation of erection and ejaculation (premature ejaculation).

Premature ejaculation is expressed in reducing the duration of sexual intercourse, as a result of ejaculation and orgasm occur uncontrollably.

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Too early may be regarded as ejaculation occurring prior to the expiration of 1-2 min after the introduction of the penis into the vagina, if the partner did not orgasm.

In the case of premature ejaculation, ejaculation can also occur when kissing a partner, touching her genitals and even while she is undressing. Erection in this case is normal or partial. In some cases, ejaculation occurs even in the absence of an erection.

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The term “too early ejaculation” is used if ejaculation occurs after the introduction of the penis into the vagina, but before orgasm in a woman. Sometimes too early is considered ejaculation, coming before the Commission 25 the friction of movements.

Most men suffering from premature ejaculation were unable to control ejaculation from the very beginning of sexual activity, but some of them had this symptom a second time, after normal control of ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, as well as impotence, has a psychological and organic character. In congenital forms, such a violation is manifested from the beginning of sexual life and is associated with increased tone of the sympathetic nervous system, psycho-emotional changes. Acquired premature ejaculation is usually caused by inflammatory processes in the genital organs or a neurosis-like condition of the patient. As a result, this can lead to increased susceptibility of the internal and external receptors of the genitals and the overexposure of the ejaculation center.

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Several approaches are used to treat premature ejaculation:

the settlement of the rhythm of sexual life;
sextherapy — masters-Johnson, Kratochvile, technique stop-start;
serotonin reuptake inhibitors;
injections of hyaluronic acid into the head of the penis;
surgical method-neurotomy of the branches of the dorsal nerve of the penis.

We usually use all methods in combination, depending on the cause, degree of disorder and the effectiveness of treatment.

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Sexual disorders in men-the problem is not easy and very delicate. Prolongation of sexual intercourse is a question that should be approached sensibly. For a start, you should consider that could cause sexual dysfunction. Perhaps it is enough to relax, improve the quality of life or change sexual behavior. If sexual function is not restored independently or the above symptoms of diseases appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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